When did you have "the talk?"

We took the kids to the zoo…a lot of parents do. The zoo is a great place to expose your kids to animals they may otherwise never see in their lifetime, unless of course, they end up living in Africa one day. It can also be an unpredictable spot to be forced into an awkward situation with your kids who aren’t quite old enough to understand the birds and the bees…

What am I talking about?

Well, we had been at the zoo about half an hour when we decided to take a walk up to the elephant exhibit. As we approached we noticed there were about six elephants in total. Four of them were on one side, while the other two were on the other side. At first, the larger one seemed to just be nudging the smaller one, as if trying to get it to play or perhaps engage in some sort of elephant only conversation.

As we continued to look on, we quickly notice that the larger elephant was not looking just to “play” but was looking to do a little more, something along the more ‘romantic’ side if you catch my drift. Although comical to my husband and I, my daughter, four and half, was a little more confused. She didn’t say anything while it was happening, but I did question her later about what she thought was happening…and her little mind answered simply “the one was trying to get on the other one” which, she isn’t wrong in saying so, just the bigger one was trying to do a little more than “get on the other one.”

Although we were lucky enough to escape “the talk” thus far, I’m sure many of you haven’t been so lucky…how did you deal with it? What age was the child?

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