Beat Breakfast Panel: We Need Advice On Eloping!

Hey Carlos and Laura I love you guys!!

My boyfriend and I want to elope. We don’t want a big wedding, we just want to go do something quick at city hall. We’d love to have a big reception style party with our closest friends and family to announce this but honestly it wouldn’t be something we can responsibly afford to do for at least a year or two.

We still want to get married within the next 6 months, but we really wouldn’t want people to know until we can properly celebrate it with them. So here’s where we have an issue. My boyfriend and I would still love to have our parents and my grandparents there. But we wouldn’t want them to tell anyone, and I just don’t think either of our families have it in them to keep this a secret until we’re ready.

I think they would be really disappointed if they weren’t part of the ceremony. If we got married without them, we’d keep it a secret from them until we had the party as well.

Have any beat listeners got married without their friends and family knowing? Did it cause drama for them afterwards? Should we trust in our family to keep a big secret for who knows how long?! Help!

Itchin’ to be hitched, Waterloo

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