Legendary Canadian Hero is back, dirtier then ever.

In 5 days, Ed the Sock’s new online television network will officially launch and he is throwing a raunchy party to wrap it up.

Possibly out of pure outrage over what is going on in the world or because it’s fun – Ed the Sock has created FU Network, also known as FUN.

Steve Kerzner, the creator of the cranky sock wants to bring back the classic MuchMusic vibe through an array of unique, comedic and entertaining shows. They will also be reviving MuchMusic’s hit show Fromage, where Ed the Sock would make fun of goofy music videos, with a weekly series called ‘The Cheesy History of Music Videos’ Another popular show up for revival is Speaker’s Corner, where people would come from off the street to sit in a booth and discuss news topics, which will now be called ‘Speaker’s Bureau.’

“MuchMusic was an attitude, a sensibility, a way of doing things, we don’t need it given back because it belongs to us. We just need to take it.” Ed the Sock claims in a comedic promotional video on the FU Network website.

Many millennials owe their sarcastic sense of humour to Ed the Sock so it only seems right to support FUN. Through donations online at Indiegogo, Canadians can help support the creation of the FU Network. For a one hundred dollar donation you can get on the guest list for the wrap up party next Wednesday, where your sure to meet the beloved sock and other media types. For a one thousand dollar donation you get one out of five REAL Ed the Sock puppets.

In what might by Canada’s greatest document, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially endorsed FUN.

Very few TV hosts have had as much sway on Canadian culture as Ed the Sock did when he was a VJ on MuchMusic. He commanded 14 seasons at City and MuchMusic, previously owned by CHUM. He even had a popular late night show with his wife called Ed and Red’s Night Party, where they interviewed and partied with well known celebrities. Liana (AKA Red) has her own show on FUN now called; Lady Bits, where she comedically discusses female identities in video games. Liana has been Kerzner and Ed the Sock’s Partner in Crime/wife for many years, helping create some of the funniest shows. FUN is currently in a preview mode where you can watch trailers and clips from some of the online network’s upcoming shows.


If you can’t wait for FUN you can always do what I did…which was binge-watch last year’s Ed the Sock videos on YouTube, I laughed like it was the early 2000’s and Trump was still doing reality TV.

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