Beat Breakfast Panel: My Friend Won't Stop Trash Talking Me!

So I’ve been friends with this guy for 8 years (throughout high school and university) and I have reached my breaking point with the way he treats me. He only ever reaches out to hang out when all his other “cool” friends are busy. When we are together he always is putting me down and making comments about my body or fitness.

For example, at the gym the other night he made a comment on the level weights I was using and how he looked better doing it than I do. This could be seen as just joking around, but all that he ever seems to say when we’re together are these “sassy jokes” and it has really been eating away at me. It is especially bad if we are hanging out with other people, it feels like he is trying to impress them by attacking me and saying these remarks he thinks are funny. He doesn’t respect me and thinks very low of me and it is obvious with the way he treats me and how he never shares anything with me on social media even though we go out and do things all the time.

I don’t think I can continue with this friendship but I don’t know what to do. Should I say something to him about how toxic his friendship is and officially end things or should I just ghost the friendship?


Frustrated Friend in Cambridge


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