Beat Breakfast Panel: My Boyfriend Has Too Much Expected Of Him As a Groomsman!

My boyfriend was asked to be a part of a wedding party and we are butting heads on what’s expected of him.


For the bachelor party, they went out of country for the weekend. Of course, he was expected to pay his share, flights, hotels and all. I have never heard of going out of country for a bachelor party, as well, it happened over my birthday.


This alone may not have been a big deal, except that, my boyfriend and I are still fresh out of school with a lot of debt to pay off. Our financial situation is not good and everyone is aware of that. We live together in a rented house so everything is up to us to pay.


Now for the Stag and Doe. To start it off one of the bridesmaids says that the reason the bridal party is there is so that the bride and groom don’t have to pay for anything for the stag and doe. My boyfriend is not asked if he can donate anything, he is TOLD what he is buying.


For the raffle he is told to by baseball tickets….and it is made very clear to him that he needs to buy “good tickets” not “cheap tickets”. As well he is expected to buy booze for the “cooler of booze” that was raffled off.


His game was Hammer and Nail which he was expected to buy all the supplies for, as well as the prizes for the winners, which HAD to be 60s of alcohol.


On top of everything he was also expected to buy food for the dinner they put on.


I don’t think this is acceptable whatsoever to ask/demand that people in your wedding party spend this much on your bachelor AND stag and doe. My boyfriend thinks this is completely acceptable.




P.S. because of all of this I’ve had to give up things I wanted to do this summer with my boyfriend like concerts, day trips, etc. As well as a trip to BC for him to meet the rest of my family.

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