Beat Breakfast Panel: Should I Dump My First Love For Another Opportunity?

Hey 91.5
I am stuck In a bit of a sticky situation..

I have been in a relationship for 4 years now with the same man and it has not been easy but I love him.

We have our ups and downs like every couple but my man can’t get a hold on his anger and it’s been taking a toll on myself and this relationship. We have our good days and when it’s good it’s great.. but the bad seems to be out weighing the good..

The main part of me asking for advice is that this old friend from back in high school has started reaching out to me and wanting to hangout.. I saw messages he sent my friend saying he has feelings for me and would want to see where things go with us.

This high school friend is leaving in 4 months for a job in upper Canada.. I want to hangout with this guy and get to know him again but I don’t want to betray my bf as I still love him (he’s my first real love) although I can’t help but feeling regret if I don’t go see this high school friend and see what comes of it.  Do I go out for a drink and keep it on the down low or just not bother at all?! Ugh help!

Dazed and confused
From KW area

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