The Ever After Handbook: Everything You Need To Know About Ontario's Wildest EDM Festival

We are just DAYS away from Ever After Music Festival! This year I feel like a veteran, since I’ve been to the fest every year since it’s birth.  4 years and Ever After gets better and better. So let me give you a proper rundown!

First things first, don’t get caught up in an exchange line on Friday. You can switch up your hard copy tickets for wristbands RIGHT NOW at Boston Pizza inside Bingemans or in Woodbridge.

More details on that HERE.

Next, prepare yourself for the lineup. You have three full days of hard festing. It is an absolute waste to your ears not to listen to everyone on the lineup and see who your favs are. My greatest Ever After regret is missing Rezz the two years she played. Most DJ’s have a recent mix from 2018 either on Mixcloud or Soundcloud. Don’t fail yourself! Here are the set times.

Oh- and if you don’t want the hassle of Mixcloud or Soundcloud, there is an Ever After Music Fest playlist on Spotify, although I suggest you dive a little deeper into every artist’s playlist.

Make sure you check out the full list of things you can and can not bring into the festival. You MUST bring ID, and your ticket of course.

Things you CAN bring with you include:

  • Fanny Packs
  • Small Bags
  • SEALED packs of gum, lipgloss, and chapstick
  • Hoola hoops
  • Inflatables

Things can NOT bring with you to the fest:

  • liquid makeup
  • unsealed tampons
  • over the counter medication (paramedics will have on hand)
  • backpacks over 12×12″

See the full list of what you can and can not bring here. 

Don’t forget to dress appropriately (my raveMom sense is tingling!). Comfy shoes are a MUST. Let me tell you a quick anecdote about a festival I went to last year. I got $10 “throwaway” festival shoes and they literally made both my big toenails fall off by the end of the weekend. Don’t be a toelnail-less monster this summer. Wear proper shoes! Otherwise follow your heart. I was basically scandalous Wednesday Addams last year but who cares you’re there to have fun and DANCE! Just keep in mind when you leave the festival at night it could be colder- might want to wrap a sweater around your waist.


Also don’t worry about what your friends are wearing. DO YOU. I bought a pair of these goggles at value village after getting to borrow a pair last year and I’m so excited to see 6 stages at once!


Here is this year’s festival map. This will come in handy because there is SO MUCH TO DO aside from listen to the heaviest bass in Ontario!


Soo, what exactly do you get to do? As usual- there is the wonderful Bingemans splash park to check out. Wave pool, baby!




There will be ziplining. Don’t pee your pants.

All sorts of inflatable things for you to bounce, climb, and roll around in.



And I have to say, checking out the last songs from the last night of #EAMF2017 was amazing from the top of this ferris wheel.


Oh and don’t forget, tons of FOOD trucks too!


91.5 The Beat will be there with BODY PAINT too! So we’ll see you at the fest. Make sure you check out @915thebeat on instagram this week to get in on our last ticket giveaways!


HAPPY FESTING, FAM! Rave like Arnie!



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