I Went To My First Eurovision Party And It Was Amazing!

Eurovision is the worlds longest running international song contest of all time. It has been on TV for 62 years and is the most watched non-sporting event on television.

Here’s how it works: Over 40 countries in total compete with one original song each, then 26 finalists compete live during the Eurovision finale which you NEED to watch. The winner is determined through votes from each competing country combined with a public vote.  A country can not give any points to itself during the voting process. Celine Dion was able to compete for Switzerland in 1988 and won the competition.

Now, here’s how you turn this competition into a fun party.

Invite your friends over, and have each person invited to the party pick one of the 26 finalist countries. You can preview their song on the Eurovision website or just go based on the second part of this party…

You need to bring food from the country you choose to root for!

The different kind of foods you have at this party will blow your mind!

Then you start watching the competition, eating food… and of course drinking as well. Bonus points if you drink booze from your country but really anything will do.

Once the live singing portion of the competition is done, the drinking amps up a notch. Take a drink every time a country gives the most points to their neighbour (you might need a map!), every time there’s a technical difficulty… and if you’re really thirsty, drink any time England doesn’t get any points. Apparently there is mad prejudice against England, so use that to your party’s advantage!

You may think you’ve got this competition in the bag once you see the countries vote… but just wait until the PEOPLE vote. My pick, Netta from Israel with her song TOY, was only 3rd place by the time the county vote was in. But she SWEPT the people vote because her song is both insane and amazing. She looped this LIVE.


So, what happens if you’re like me and the country you chose to compete in your very first Eurovision party WINS?! Well, you get a sweet trophy, like the Golden Plunger Trophy.


And then you play drinking jenga and dance the night the way to music from Toto or whatever Google home decides to play for you.


Here are some other suggestions for Eurovision party rules too! Until next year, Eurovision!

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