Selena Gomez Drops "Back To You" Which Fans Think Is About Bieber

Selena Gomez is FINALLY BACK with New Music.

Her latest track “Back To You” has fans thinking the song is actually about her (current) ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber

Word is that Selena has “completely moved on” from Bieber and is “not interested in getting back together with him anytime soon.”

BUT… do the lyrics say something different?  Take a LISTEN……

In the chorus she seems to hint at their recent reconciliation.

‘You could break my heart in two. But when it heals, it beats for you. I know its forward but it’s true…I know I’d go back to you,’

Then the second verse seems to address the highs and lows of their relationship.

‘We never got it right. Playing and replaying old conversations. Overthinking every word and I hate it.’

Gomez then goes on to say…

‘And what’s the point in hiding? Everybody knows we got unfinished business.’

Let’s just say I WOULD NOT be surprised if they got back together again.   As for Selena’s latest,  “Back To You” WILL NOT be on that NEW album we have all been waiting for.

It will instead be featured on the Season 2 soundtrack of the Selena Gomez produced Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”.  Which debuts on Friday May 18th!  Watch the official trailer BELOW….

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