Mommy Blog #2: Morning Arguments

Ahhh Spring mornings… The time of year where the morning argument with my kids switches from snow pants vs slush pants or with my 10-year-old, boots vs running shoes because “so-and-so wears shoes when it’s snowing.”

Well if so-and-so jumped off a bridge… Yes, I am officially my Mother.

Anyway, the argument has now, in just one day, become pants vs shorts, open toe sandals vs runners and sunscreen or no sunscreen. It was nine degrees when we left the house this morning! 9! Single digit. You try rationalizing with a 7-year-old girl though. After muttering at least two f-bombs to myself and being called an idiot, she finally went out the door in a ‘warmer’ sweater then she originally had on and running shoes. My son, headed to a track meet today, begrudgingly dabbed on sunscreen, huffing and puffing the whole time and acting like his skin was melting off as he was applying it.

Please people, tell me I’m not alone here.

How do you survive the morning fights?!

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