MOM BLOG #1: "My sweater is too sweater-y"

You know my favourite part of the day? Mornings!
I L-O-V-E weekday mornings when I have the pleasure of getting two kids up and ready and out the door all by myself. They’re the bestest!


On a good day this is stressful enough and at least 3 days a week I go to work feeling that a bad, yelly Mom but today, oh today was special.
Today my youngest decided she didn’t want to get up.
When she did get up out of bed (after screeching at me multiple times to leave her alone and stomping to the bathroom to pee) she decided she didn’t want to go to school because she didn’t want to go on the field trip. I explained that she would love the field trip. That ‘the dump will be super neat. You’ll get to see what happens to our garbage and how they sort it and where it all goes. I wish I could go!’ What do I get as a response along with a look of complete and utter disgust; ‘it’s called the land-fill mom. Land. Fill!’
Alrighty then. Such a little sweetie when she wakes up!

By this time the child is at least dressed and I think I’m through the woods but nooooo that would be too easy.
No, instead she decides the sweater she’s wearing just won’t work. Why you ask?

It’s too ‘sweater-y.’

And so, I have her go get a new sweater ‘cause Lord knows I’m not doing it.
She sits down to eat her cold pop tart but decides pop tart crust is no good so a totally contained pile of crumbs grows on the table (and her sweater and her chair and the floor).
When it’s time to head to the bus it’s a no snow pants day. Who needs snow pants when you’re going to be outside in the cold and snow?! Not her. She needs hot pink slush pants today instead and then mitts to match.
At least she got on the bus. And Mommy had a drink… of tea 🙂



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