Beat Breakfast Panel: My office is so clique-y. Help!

I’ve been working at my office for about a year and a half, so I guess it’s safe to say I’m pretty fresh meat. I’ve noticed since I started that my office is actually quite clique-y, and I was able to avoid it until a couple weeks ago.

My co-worker is fun, but she doesn’t mesh well with our management, which seems to act like one big ego tripping group.

I’ve noticed management has been treating me a little different since they have seen me going out for lunch with this coworker. They don’t give me the inside scoops on things like they used to and really don’t interact with me much anymore.

What do I do? I certainly am not the type of person to suck up to someone, but I also want to advance in my career and I know that sometimes you have a play a game with management.

Help! How do I get in the good books? Simply doing my job isn’t enough..

Feels like highschool, Ayr.

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