Beat Breakfast Panel:Follow-Up Friday:What happened after psycho mom broke her sons video game system?

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I have a twelve year old and seven year old son who are obsessed with video games.  Recently my 12 year old has started playing more adult games such as Fortnite and Call Of Duty. He was told not to play it when his brother was around and yet many times I have caught him allowing his brother to play. For that reason and other unrelated issues for behavior and lying they are both currently grounded from games. I have caught the 12 year old many times over the last few weeks sneaking to play games and I warned them both I would smash the system if I caught them again. Last night I caught them both playing games again so I grabbed the system and threw it out the back door onto the patio where it broke in half. My husband feels “guilty” that it’s broken and thinks it should have been put away or sold instead. I don’t even care I followed through on my word and honestly I’m glad it’s gone. Who is right?  -Feeling a bit like a psycho mom


Well first of all, to all the people who thought I smashed it in a fit of rage or out of anger they were wrong. I was totally calm just following through with my word. Sadly my son didn’t learn his lesson he was caught at least two times since sneaking to play games on my laptop and on the family tablet and NO I didn’t smash them too! I have decided we need to switch strategies because along with the game obsession there some other issues going on like going into into the junk cupboard when no one’s looking and sneaking treats, not doing his chores or doing half the job, lying about homework so as not to have to do it,  to just plain ignoring what we say and doing what he wants. I’m open to ideas from parents on ways to discipline a 12 year old ‘cause mine doesn’t seem to be getting the hint! -Still a psycho mom

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