Introducing Beat Breakfast Intern Blake and his love of Jersey Shore and Jerzday

Today, and a few times over the next few weeks I’m gong to turn over this space to Beat Breakfast Intern Blake.  He’s a good fella and we’re happy to have him here as a part of the Beat Breakfast.  

Hi! My name is Blake Evans, and I’m a Broadcast Radio student from Conestoga College. I’m going to be doing my internship through the college here at The Beat and I couldn’t be more excited. Being at The Beat has been my dream for a long time so the fact that I’ll be here for the next 3 weeks is a big accomplishment.

You may or may not have noticed, but it’s ‘Jerzday!‘ I think one of my good qualities for coming to The Beat is my love for Entertainment News and nothing says entertainment like the Jersey Shore. I’ve been watching since I was in elementary school when they started the show back in 2009, so I’m glad my parents didn’t censor it out of my life (thanks Mom). I recently got to enjoy the spin-off show Floribama Shore as well, but there’s nothing quite like the original. I feel I’m qualified to speak on the topic of the Shore, so let’s do this!

We’re coming fresh off the 2-episode premiere from last week and there was A LOT of content to take in from Miami, where they will be staying. Pauly D is getting engaged, Sammie may not be on the show, but a custom sex doll was made of her, thanks to Pauly. Ronnie is going to be a baby daddy but looks as if he’s going to cheat, and Angelina looks to make a reappearance.

I think Ronnie said it best right in the first episode. “Things have changed, but they really haven’t changed.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. All of the cast is now 30 and older, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t doing the same dumb stuff we’ve been watching since 2009.

Right out of the gate, we see some new faces. Like literally. Snooki and JWOWW have had some WORK done. The difference between their 2009 and 2018 selves is “disturbing”?

Does this tweet not show you everything you need to see? I will be fair though. Those glasses on her. HOO!

Some things don’t change though. Sammi “Sweetheart” isn’t even on the show, and I think we’re all sick of the drama around her and ex-housemate and boyfriend Ronnie Ortiz, but the drama just continues to pile on. The custom made Sammi sex doll isn’t helping the situation (no pun intended) either. The guy is about to have a baby for pete sake! A trailer did show him crying on a toilet and calling himself a bad guy though, so I’m sure this is not the end of his promiscuous tendencies that we’ve seen in the past!

Possibly the most staggering thing to come from the first 2 episodes is “The Situation’s” court case. Mike is in some hot water for Tax Evasion which he plead guilty to, but that didn’t stop him from making it to Miami to join up with the old crew. Except this time, he’s sober. Is it possible to have a Jersey Shore crew without a lot of alcohol being consumed? Looks like it’s just Coca Cola for him!

The end of the premiere left on a cliffhanger, and a situation we’ve seen far too many times. Snooki lost her wedding ring after a pool fiasco that saw the Sammi sex doll in the pool. After a lot of not helping, and crying in the grass, she decided that’s it and shows going to pack and go home. It wouldn’t be the Shore house if someone wasn’t trying to leave in the first couple episode, now would it?

This week we’re going to get a few answers to some of our answers and then in typical Jersey Shore fashion, we’ll have some more next week. Watch it tonight and discuss it with me tomorrow!

Blake “The Intern”

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