Beat Breakfast Panel:Do we let out 17 year old son stay home while we go on a family vacation?

My husband and I have been planning a 3 week family vacation to Greece where we both have family.  We’re planning on going this August with our 17 old son and 12 year old daughter.  We were all set to book our flights this week when our son said he doesn’t want to go. He had mentioned it a few months ago, and we didn’t think he was serious, but now he says he would rather just stay home, work and save money for university which he starts in September.  He turns 18 just a few weeks later.

While I do believe he wants to work and save money for school I also think that he just wants a little freedom from us and to let loose.  He’s a good kid and I don’t think he’ll throw a huge party, but I still have some misgivings, but I’m leaning towards letting him stay.  It may actually be good for him to be responsible for himself. We have close neighbors who will keep an eye on him and my brother lives close by.  My husband is upset and thinks he should come, and will regret it later in life.  He keeps saying “Who doesn’t want to go on an all expense paid trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth?” So while I’m leaning towards letting him stay, I wonder what Beat listeners think?  Should we let our son stay or make him come with us? -Should we let him stay or make him go in Cambridge

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