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We’re following up with Beat listeners to see how they made out after they sent in their questions to us – and you – for help.  Every Friday, it’s a Follow-Up Friday on the Beat Breakfast Panel.

Original Panel

Hi Beat Breakfast!  I’ve got a dating issue.  So I recently became single, and I’ve known this guy for 3 years, and in the past we’ve had our up and downs, ie-I messed around with his twin brother. Anyways I became single and he messaged me asking to hang out, I said yes.  The day of the hangout he never messages me. A few days later I find out he was too hungover.  Whatever, I accepted it, we then planned it for another day, the day shows up, no message again.  Then on Valentine’s Day he asks me to come over, I do. He made me dinner, and skip forward we end up hooking up, he tells me he likes me and really wants to make this shot with me work. We make plans to go on an official date, the day of the date shows up, and guess what?! No message, so I message him, and he’s like “omg I’m so sorry, I forgot my phone at home while I was out with my family”.  At this point I’m mad and I call him out on never meeting up, to which he reveals he forgot about the date. Fast forward to today, we have only talked a handful of times since Valentine’s Day, I’ve asked him to hang out, no solid answer. I really like this guy, but I can’t keep doing this.  What do I do?!? Do I move on? Or try to work things out?  PLEASE HELP!

All the best, Falling way too fast, too quickly in Waterloo

Where are they now?

Hello again Beat Breakfast! I listened in and read the Facebook  comments, and I took the advice to not talk to him again and move on. Ever since doing that I’ve been happier than ever.  He’s tried to get in contact, but I’d ignored all his messages. Not worth my time. Thanks for all your help!

Original Panel

My older brother has been dating his girlfriend for 2 and a half years and he told me this weekend that he’s going to propose.  Outwardly I acted happy, but I don’t think he should propose. She keeps on quitting jobs to get “something better” and is constantly criticizing him when he stays at work late, meanwhile he’s the only one with a job!  She brings him down and is generally a bad influence. He used to be a much happier person, but since they met, he’s not his old outgoing and relaxed self. I also think she’s getting in the way of him pursuing his dream of starting a micro-brewery. Should I say something, or just leave it alone?  Younger brother woes in Kitchener

Where are they now???

Well my brother went ahead and popped the question before I had a chance to talk to him.  I wasn’t planning on giving my opinion, I took your advice and just wanted to talk to him and see how he was doing.  So he asked she said NO! She said that he wasn’t where she needed him to be in his life if you can believe that!  Remember SHE HAS NO JOB! She wanted him to stop the “silly dream” of the micro-brewery and focus on being an accountant, a job he loathes.  He ended things – she thought there was still a future. Since then he’s confided in me that instead of being distraught she said no, he’s relieved.  He’s now focused on making the micro-brewery happen with a few friends. Thanks again for all the help and great comments. Love the show!

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