Loved Ones Remembered Campaign, Bereaved Families of Ontario-Midwestern Region

In commemoration of National Bereavement Day on November 19 2019, Bereaved Families of Ontario – Midwestern Region is launching Loved Ones Remembered – a campaign to honour the loved ones we miss and raise funds to support children and families in our community.

You can share your stories, upload pictures and video, and share about their life however you choose. This is will give you an opportunity to honour your loved ones life – create a legacy. If you do not want to create a page, that’s ok too. You can simply make a donation. Your generosity means we can continue to provide grief support programs in the community, free of charge.
With YOUR support, parents who are grieving the death of an infant or child have a safe space to share their grief, connect with other parents and talk about their loved ones. With YOUR support, children 4-12 gain the tools to help understand and cope with feelings of loss. With YOUR support, adults grieving the death of a loved one can share thoughts and feelings, and gain new perspectives and coping strategies. Because of YOUR support, those grieving a death by substance use have a space free of stigma and judgement to share their stories and learn to heal. Because of YOU, people in our community who are grieving know they are not alone.