Wilmot Key Quest

Solve the clues, find the key, and win $5000!

Wilmot Key Quest is a grassroots community treasure hunt where participants have the chance to solve the clues, find the key, and win $5000! The first clue will be released on April 29th. Sponsors and their staff can participate -it’s encouraged! Registration for the event is not required. Anyone can participate in the Wilmot Key Quest. Just read the clues, put on your thinking cap, and start exploring and solving! The Wilmot Key Quest is absolutely free, and open to anyone.

There are two ways to see the clues:

Find the daily clue printed in the Waterloo Region Record, each weekday, from April 29 – May 17


Visit any of the following sponsors’ locations:

-Baden Feed and Supply

-Baden Village Pharmacy

-Big Leaf Print and Graphics

-EJ’s at the Baden Hotel

-Focus Computers

-Josslin Insurance

-Meadow Acres Nursery

-TLC Pet Food

-Town Square Pharmacy

-Wilmot Centre Missionary Church

ADDITIONALLY: A special ‘pre-release’ partial clue will be shared at the BCA / Chamber of Commerce Volunteer Fair on Saturday May 11.  Attendees will have a chance to get a little extra information, but nothing that is going to give them a crucial edge – as to preserve the fairness of the game. This will be announced online, and in the newspaper. Each day, every sponsor will print the same clue – making for a maximum of 15 different clues (fewer than 15 if the key is found before May 17th) The organizers wish to remain anonymous. However, the Township has sanctioned the Wilmot Key Quest. No clues will be available online. They are only available in the Record, and at sponsors’ locations. We are not revealing exactly what the hidden treasure looks like. It will be something like a small box or package – and could be camouflaged. The package will contain a key, and a letter with phone number to call to claim the $5000 grand prize.