Hot Shot Athletic Martial Arts – 2 Year Anniversary Celebration

April 14th, Hotshot Athletics’ will be celebrating their two year anniversary and showcasing some of the fiercest martial art talents in the area.

You will be treated to featured performances by:

* Savino Quatela – black belt – ( hailed as a mini Darth Maul) who has won two world NASKA titles in creative forms and extreme forms at the age of 9. His Bo and tricking skills rival that of competitors twice his age.

* Eccaia Sampson – black belt – who has performed on stage with the Barenaked Ladies and starred in KT Tunstall’s music video “Human Being” all by the age of 8. Her love of double nunchaku and extreme martial arts are sure to intrigue.

* Matthew McDonald – junior black belt – current 2018 NASKA fighting champion and has racked up an impressive list of achievements in forms and weapons as well, since he started practicing martial arts when he was five years old.

* Cole Von Lukawiecki – holds multiple NASKA titles in carious divisions and is the 2018 Warrior Cup Winner.

Just to name a few.

There will be give-aways, refreshments, games and so much more.

Martial Arts at Hot Shot Athletics is more than merely learning basic forms. It’s about investing in self and empowering others to reach past what they feel is possible. You have to see it with your own eyes and feel the support in the air to truly grasp why we are so committed.

See you there!