Niall Horan with Maren Morris

The Budweiser Stage brings you another exciting jaw dropping event on Wednesday 5th September 2018. One Direction’s beloved Niall Horan is teaming up with the current queen of country, Maren Morris, for a North American tour that will shake the country to its core! Tickets available now and going fast!

Following worldwide mass success with One Direction, Niall Horan is striking out on his own, with an all-new sound on his new album, “Flicker.” The singles released so far have shown Horan shifting from the pop of One Direction to a bluesy folk sound with a country twist on the song “Seeing Blind,” – a duet with Maren Morris!

With Niall Horan’s new release, One Direction fans are really in for a treat, as it closely follows the release of Harry Styles’ self-titled debut solo album, which similarly saw Styles experimenting with new genres. “I know them all very well, and I know what music they’re into, so when I hear what they’re releasing, it’s no shock to me,” Niall Horan said warmly, regarding the musical progress of the other members of One Direction. “Me and Harry have similar taste, maybe his is a bit more rockier than mine, but it’s great watching everyone do their own thing. It’s brilliant.”

We can’t wait to see the new Niall Horan live on tour with Maren Morris!! Don’t delay – grab those tickets NOW before they go!