5th Annual Kitchener Kids with Cancer Run & Walk

This event is a run/walk for families and avid runners alike, to support our local children with cancer.   This is our 5th year and we are hoping to make it another great event.    Cancer is always a difficult diagnosis but it is even more challenging when a parent learns that their child has cancer.   Children have to go through therapy and many medical appointments at hospitals out of town, and often one or both parents have to put their careers on hold.  Thankful POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario) can help, making it possible for the children to receive some of their therapy and assessments at our local paediatric clinic at Grand River Hospital.   POGO is an organization that funds our paediatric cancer clinic at Grand River Hospital.   In addition, POGO supports families financially as they are fighting the battle of cancer; support research into new therapies; provide after care for those survivors, helping with education etc.

All of the money from Kitchener Kids with Cancer Run registration goes directly to POGO.

Our community can support this race by participating or sponsoring another participant.