3rd Annual Reachout Awareness Support Fundraiser

Reach Out Awareness and Support Fundraiser

Dear Family and Friends,

Over the past few years there has been an astonishing amount of loss; not only the loss of people near and dear to our hearts, but that of friends and family members dear to the hearts of people who we love and the community near us. 

We would like to raise awareness at this event in memory of Rachel Ann Sousa & Sam Vitale and all of those who have lost a loved one or are currently suffering with mental health issues. 

MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES ARE REAL and we would like friends and family to come together to support one another and raise awareness.

We are organizing our 3rd annual Reach Out Awareness and Support fundraiser event  on July 7, 2018. Please consider coming to this very important event or making a donation online.

We truly appreciate the donation, prayers and support!


Reach Out Awareness and Support Committee