Mandarin MS Walk

Mandarin MS Walk

Every spring more than 30,000 Canadians come together in their communities to fundraise for and participate in MS Walk. They take a stand against MS and support those who are affected by multiple sclerosis. Take the next step and join us as we work to build a more hopeful future for Canadians living with MS.

Why Walk?

Canada has one of the highest rates of multiple sclerosis in the world, and every year friends, family members and co-workers band together at MS Walk to take a stand against this disease. From start to finish, MS Walk inspires members of the community to help build a hopeful future for Canadians living with multiple sclerosis.

“MS Walk is a place where people affected by MS can be comfortable and surround themselves with a community of like minded people, who’re fundraising to find a cure for all of us living with MS. Who knows, at the rate that MS research is advancing, we may find more answers sooner than we think. I walk because I believe we will find a cure.” – Kim, Port Alberni

MS Walk creates a uniquely diverse community whose collective goal is to support those affected by MS. Money raised by MS Walk participants support important programs and services, and fund ground-breaking research. When you join your local MS Walk you will make a meaningful impact on the things that hold the most promise to the MS community.

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