World Sleep Day w. Sleep Country!

Friday March 19th is World Sleep Day and we want to ensure you get the best sleep possible, with help from our friends at Sleep Country!

Now more than ever, we need to take care of ourselves and prioritizing our sleep is one of the best forms of self care there is! Sleep is the fuel that powers your day and allows your body to reset/recharge for the day. Make this the year your take small steps to improve your sleep and foster better health and well-being!

Tune in to The Beat Breakfast with Scott & Kat from March 15 – 19th for your chance to win a brand new Queen Essentials Sheet Set! We’re also encouraging everyone to take a Sleep Promise this year and share their stories online using #MySleepPromise.

A Sleep Promise is:

  • A promise to invest in and take care of ourselves.
  • A promise to evaluate the role sleep plays in our lives.
  • A promise to take the small steps to build healthier sleep habits.
  • A promise to stop putting sleep at the end of our to-do lists.
  • A promise to give our bodies and minds the rest it deserves.
  • A promise that our future self will thank us for.
  • A promise today for a brighter tomorrow because a better tonight leads to better tomorrow.


To help with this promise, check out this list of tips to get a better sleep every night!

Top 5 Sleep Tips from 91.5 The Beat:

  1. Stick to a schedule! When possible, try to sleep/wake up around the same time every day and aim to routinely get between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
  2. Pay attention to your last meal of the day. You never want to go to bed too hungry OR too full, this will directly effect the quality of your sleep!
  3. Limit screen time before bed. The more distance you can put between your device and you before bed, the easier it will be to get quality sleep!
  4. Ensure you get adequate physical activity throughout the day.
  5. Create a calm and relaxing environment to sleep in. Sleep Country has you covered for all your bedroom optimization needs – check out their full product line here! Sleep Well, Stay Well!

Sleep Well, Stay Well!