Ongoing History Daily: The Pixies' words of wisdom to Pearl Jam

Back 1990, The Pixies were an extremely hot commodity. One of their biggest fans was Eddie Vedder, who considered them a major influence, especially with the way singer Black Francis attacked a song.

When Pearl Jam got a deal with Epic Records, he discovered that Pixies drummer David Lovering was married to a publicist at Epic. Eddie contacted David looking for guidance. What did the band need to do? How should they treat the relationship with their label. What did a brand new band have to do to cut through all the noise?

David gave him this advance: “This is something that you love, playing music. Just enjoy yourself.” That seemed to work, didn’t it?

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Ongoing History: The lost David Bowie/Bob Dylan debut

All through his professional life, David Bowie was a big fan of Bob Dylan. In fact, there’s a song on Bowie’s 1971 album, Hunky Dory, entitled Song for Bob Dylan. There was also a considerable amount of respect coming back from Dylan, too.

In fact, Bowie says he wrote a lot of things with Zimmy, and at one point, there were plans for the two of them to duet on an unnamed song. “We got it in our heads that we could do a duet, like a thing,” says Bowie. It seemed to be a thing one evening, but the morning after, Dylan ghosted Bowie on the idea and it never happened.

You have to wonder what such a recording would have sounded like? I’ll bet that the lyrics would have been great.

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Ongoing History Daily: Max Martin's hair metal band

Before Sweden’s Karl Martin Sandberg changed his name to Max Martin and became a writer and producer of number-one pop hits for Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Pink, the Backstreet Boys, and so many others, he was—wait for it—in a hair metal band.

Martin began in music in 1985 while still in high school when he was the lead singer of a glam metal band called It’s Alive. They eventually released a couple of albums and developed a sound that wasn’t unlike what we hear from Faith No More. Unfortunately, things did not go well for It’s Alive. Outside of a bit of a bump in Sweden, the group went nowhere and the band broke up.

Martin moved into writing and producing under the mentorship of a Swedish producer named Denniz Pop. That worked and within a few years, he was cranking out some of the biggest pop songs the planet has ever seen. Talk about a career change, huh?

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Ongoing History Daily: A new non-drug way of combating diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common afflictions found in the general public and there are many different drugs that can be used to treat it. But how about music? Can it be used to stimulate the body’s production of insulin? Apparently so.

Earlier this year, Swiss researchers published an article in the medical journal The Lancet detailing a procedure where insulin-producing cells are implanted in the body and subjected to different triggers from outside. They tried light, temperature, and electric fields. But there’s also another way to stimulate these capsules: music.

By exposing the patient to certain songs, the capsules do their magic, causing them to release insulin within just minutes. They tried all sorts of different tracks, but the one that’s worked the best—at least so far—is We Will Rock You by Queen.

A clinical application is still not feasible—this is just a proof of concept so far—but the results have been promising.


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Five songs you must hear this week: 02 October 2023

This week’s Five Songs list features a new material from a couple of greatest hits material and a pretty freaky Blue Velvet trip.

1. Bush, Nowhere to Go But Everywhere
Loaded: The Greatest Hits 1994-2023 (Round Hill Records)
Recommended If You Like: 90s alt-rock

Bush has been around for 31 years and has sold more than 24 million records and Gavin Rossdale has only now decided to release a greatest hits record. (I’m not counting 1997’s Deconstructed because that was a remix album. Besides, that was still more than a quarter-century ago.) The collection features 21 songs, twenty of which are from the band’s career. The twenty-first is this new track.


2. Johnny Marr, Somewhere
Spirit Power (BMG)
RIYL: 80s-inspired jangly goodness

Speaking of greatest hits album, ‘tis the season. Such compilations are usually decent stocking stuffers (for those who still buy physical product) and are good for refreshing the public’s mind about an artist’s career. Johnny Marr would like everyone to know that there’s more to him than those Smiths records back in the 80s. This collection features Johnny’s personal favourites from his career along with two brand-new songs. Fork out for the deluxe double CD set and you’ll also get a bunch of never-heard demos.


3. The Dirty Nil, The Light, The Void and Everything
Free Rein to Passions (Dine Alone Records)
RIYL: David Lynch’s Blue Velvet

Everyone in Dundas, Ontario’s Dirty Nil is a big fan of the films of David Lynch. They had this idea for a video treatment based on Blue Velvet for years but never really found a use for it. That is, until it came time to release this single from their most recent album. Note that Wade McNeil of Alexisonfire plays the role of Frank. Creepy, this.


4. BoyWithUke, Migraine
Lucid Dreams (Mercury Records)
RIYL: Anonymous singers

Who is BoyWithUke? No idea. We know that he was born in Daegu, South Korea (well, maybe), and may or may not currently reside in Boston. Whatever the case, we’ve never seen his face, even when he performs live. He claims he wants people to focus on the music and not his looks. Vanity? Or personal protection? Whatever the case, fans seem to love the mystery. Lucid Dreams, due October 6, is his fourth album (there are also three EPs if you’re interested in going down this rabbit hole.)


5. Fur Trade, Monaco
Dark Celebration (Fantasy Records)
RIYL: When long hiatuses finally come to an end.

Remember Victoria, BC’s Hot Hot Heat? They officially split in 2016 but before then, Steve Bays and Parker Bossley formed Fur Trade and released one record, Don’t Get Heavy, in 2013. One song from the album, Same Temptation, was even nominated for a Prism Prize for its music video. Fur Trade is back with their second album after a break of ten years. Let’s see where this takes them.

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Ongoing History Daily: Strange sounds in a Green Day song

If you’re familiar with Green Day’s 2000 album Warning, you may have wondered what’s going on in a song called Blood, Sex, and Booze. Billie Joe Armstrong was inspired by the old Velvet Underground song Venus in Furs which is about a dominatrix and a little S&M.

To add colour to the Green Day track, drummer Tre Cool thought it would be appropriate if a dominatrix friend of his came down to the studio with her collection of whips and chains. To get the necessary sound effects for the song, one of the band’s roadies was tied to a chair in the middle of the studio and subjected to a whipping, which was recorded.

You can hear what’s happening to the guy just before Billie Joe Armstrong’s guitar kicks in. The things people do for employment…

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Arrest made in Brampton ATM robbery investigation

Peel Police arrested an 18-year-old following several robberies at ATMs in Brampton, Ont.

Police said the robberies occurred between Friday, September 22 and Thursday September 28. They allege the accused went to several financial institutions in Brampton where he robbed victims while they were at an ATM.

Investigators say that two of these incidents resulted in minor injuries.

In a press release, police said that Brampton resident, Eli Roberts, was arrested on Thursday and charged with five counts of robbery.

Police say Roberts was held for a bail hearing at the Ontario Court of Justice in Brampton.

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B.C. inspection station quarantines Ontario boat after invasive mussels found

The Okanagan and Similkameen Invasive Species Society is calling on the community for help in monitoring invasive mussels.

The Conservation Officer Service says it caught an out-of-province boat fouled with invasive mussels before it could splash into B.C. waterways.

According to the COS, the Ontario boat went through a watercraft inspection station in Golden, where it was issued a 30-day quarantine after a specially trained dog named Kilo detected invasive mussels.

“The inspection led to the discovery of invasive mussels, at which time specialized equipment was used to decontaminate the watercraft,” the COS said on social media.

The COS said some mussels are so tiny they can be affixed to internal out-of-sight engine parts.

In addition to the 30-day quarantine period, the boat was also sealed and the owner was handed a $230 violation ticket for the possession and unlawful transport of a prohibited species in the B.C.

Inspectors checking out the boat from Ontario.

Inspectors checking out the boat from Ontario.

B.C. Conservation Officer Service

“This incident highlights the effectiveness of how mandatory watercraft inspection stations,” said the COS, “and co-operation and collaboration with program partners, are helping to prevent invasive mussels from entering B.C. waterways.”

More information about B.C.’s invasive mussel defence program is available online.

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Advance voting in Manitoba election ends Saturday evening

Manitobans have until 8 p.m. on Saturday to cast their ballot in advance of Tuesday’s provincial election.

Sept. 30 marks the last day of advance polls at nearly 300 locations across the province.

Residents who have lived in the province for the last six months are eligible to cast a ballot at any location. Voters need a valid piece of government-issued ID with a current address.

Two pieces of identification like a passport, treaty card, Manitoba health card, Social Insurance card, utility bill or credit card will also be accepted.

Regular voting takes place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Oct. 3 and voters can attend any polling location within their electoral division to cast a ballot.

As of Friday, Elections Manitoba reported over 150,000 registered voters cast ballots since advance voting began on Sept. 23, surpassing the tally in the 2019 provincial election when 113,000 voters headed to the polls early.

More information about voting ID requirements and polling locations can be found at the Elections Manitoba website.

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Youth struck in multiple vehicle collision in Mississauga

A youth has been rushed to SickKids hospital following a two-vehicle collision in Mississauga Saturday afternoon.

Peel police were called to the area of Britannia Road and Millcreek Drive around 12:20 p.m. for reports of a collision involving two vehicles and a pedestrian.

Initial reports suggest that the vehicles collided with each other before one struck the pedestrian, police said.

Peel Paramedics tell Global News that the pedestrian, a female youth, was transported to SickKids Hospital in critical condition.

Both drivers remained at the scene, police said.

There is no word on any potential charges at this time. Britannia Road is closed eastbound at Joymar Drive while police investigate.


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